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6th Dan Promotion

Thank you all once again for the fantastic award in recognition of my 6th Dan.

Praise is good but praise from your own students is the highest and most special of all.

Interclub Challenge
This years Interclub Challenge will be held on Sunday 19th November in aid of a wonderful charity called Clic Sargent.. The charity are one of the UK’s leading cancer charities for children, young people and their families in providing specialist support  in what can be a very dark and difficult time..

The charity was bought to our attention by our own students Neil & Phoebe Tomkins. Phoebe unfortunately is battling cancer at the moment, and the charity has provided much needed help and support. throughout.

On behalf of our club and the wider local TKD clubs and students that support this event ,we would all like to wish Phoebe a speedy recovery and I hope this years event is surpasses all others and breaks new records.

I urge you all to take part, get involved and support us once more.

Still spaces available we need to fill 15 !!!

Time Changes

Please note time change for Sunday  training at Dickens Heath will now be starting 6.30pm-7.30pm starting from Sunday 29th October 2017.


Licence Renewals

Luke Brooks
Paul Brunn
Alana Moran
Darci Moran
Olivia Poyner

Yash Chudasama
Minesh Jagatia
]William Pritchard
Matthew Taylor
Krishan Jagatia
Thomas Prior
Mark Williams

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

November 17