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Entries for the first major national of the year the English Championships need to be in this week, hopefully we can build on recent success at the Midlands.

The run up to the black belt grading with pregrade sessions will kick off this month. We have already conducted our own pre assessment with myself along with Master Shuter and Master Slater on all our students taking dan grades recently, Feedback was good and next to the real event I thought it was really successful for those taking part..

Great to see new beginners in Sundays class which has meant we can now stretch to 2 hours which is valuable for all the senior grades. Disappointing tough that we didnt get any on our Wednesday session, which looked promising at one point.

Fight Club continues to get better and there is now a good number of our own students attending along with other local clubs which will only stand us in good stead for the tournaments.

Anyway lots to play for,

Onwards and upwards.


Licence Renewals

Sam Edwards
Mark Jones
Anila Kaur
Fernando Yonfa

Thomas Prior
Zak Statter

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

March 19