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Happy New Year

Welcome back and a Happy New Year to you all. I hope you all had a fantastic Christmas holiday and are now looking forward to new challenges ahead in 2019. Now is the time to set those new training goals and rest assured I will be there pushing you every step of the way .

New calendar of events are on the calendar page, please check these out and the first tournament of the year in February the Midlands Championships, details on the tournament page.

Out of date licences, need to be in date licences, so if your out of date, ensure this is a priority  to begin with.

New beginners are also needed to constantly develop the club, so over the next month we will be pushing for new intakes. Free trial sessions and discounts for anyone you bring along, you can also train alongside with them.

Congratulations to Bhavesh Champaneri, Fernando Yonfa and Turkay Hasan in being awarded Students of the Year. Each one of them had a fantastic year throwing themselves into every aspect of their training, producing some excellent gradings and winning a few titles along the way.

Any new year gives us all a new sence of optimism and belief. Records are there to be broken, titles are there to be won and students are their to be developed. Get the most out of your training and lets see where this new year takes us all

Onwards and upwards


Licence Renewals

Mike Jeffs
Kath Turner

Nathan Parmar
Thomas Prior
Mark Williams
Mark Mooney
James Page
Darren Smith
Zak Statter
Paul Woodcraft
Aiden Wright
Amelia Wright

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

January 19