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As so it begins

Another kicked off and we are straight into the first tournament of the year, the Midlands Championships this weekend. We have 6 students entered with our newest member Ben Anderson competing in his first competitive black belt division in the UK. Good Luck to all our students entered as I know it will be a great competition to kick the year off., Leading into the nationals and this years World Championships in Birmingham.

Black belt pre-grades are out so if you are eligible make sure I know your grading as we can prepare accordingly. My good friend Mr Slater at Knowle has a  coloured belt grading for any students that missed the last one or is eligible on Wednesday 28th February. Again let me know if you think you are grading.

Thank you also to all our students that came along and gave a fantastic demo to Solihull Scouts recently. Think its fair to say they had a great time and as always new beginners are always welcome. If you know anyone that’s interested or curious, bring them along for a couple of FREE sessions.

“Onwards & Upwards



Licence Renewals

Matthew Brunn
Paul Chatwin
Graham Deffley
Marcelo Dudzin
Jack Healy
Spencer Morgan

Mike Jeffs
Dean Deffley
Paul Woodcraft

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

February 18