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Tomorrow marks our 15th Interclub Challenge. An idea we started 15 years ago with Children in Need.

As instructors we had an idea to try and get more of our own students into competition. To try and uncover the next generation of champions. An introduction tournament that all our students could enjoy and take part in together which would hopefully encourage them and give them the confidence needed to take it to the next stage.

Over those years you didn’t disappoint us. Through the Interclub challenge We started to un cover many new talented juniors and adults that have gone on to win many national and international honours in there own respective divisions.

Coupled with the idea that we wanted also to give back to the wider community , where we donated all the money raised to local and national charities that we or our students all had a connection with.

A simple idea which was a win, win for everyone. With everyone’s help and support we have now reached a total of just over £80,000 for all those charities.

This years charity is St Basils for the homeless. Please help us all and support this event, to make it the best one yet.

Look forward to seeing you all there !!!

Onwards and upwards


Licence Renewals

 Rishi Bakshi
Dalveer Bansal
Gurpreet Bansal
Harpal Bansal
Luke Bridge
Evie Deffley
Sam O’Connor

Graham Deffley
Dean Deffley
James Deffley
Portia Eccleston
Turkay Hasan
Oscar Hook Evans
Mark Williams
Lucy Byrne
Adam Bryne

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

October 19