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Congratulations to all our student that graded recently in Dickens Heath. 43 students graded 30 from Knowle and 13 from Shirley.  Even though we were outnumbered there was some great performances from all our students.

There are a number of students that couldnt grade for one reason or another and I will try and arrange with fellow instructors alternative gradings at their clubs. Obviously as we enter the main holiday period things around the clubs will start slowing down so I imagine by September I will get to hear of alternatives.

Grading results can be found on the grading page.

Holiday Period

As mentioned above as we enter the holiday period, there will only be one session on Wednesday at Light Hall School starting from

Wednesday 25th July at 7pm - All Grades

Licence renewals
There are no licences due this month however there are a number of licences out of date. May I remind you that if you do not hold a valid licence then you will not be allowed to train as you are not insured. Please make sure if your licence is up for renewal or your name is on the list, that you renew it ASAP.

World Championships
We have 7 students entered in the World Championships in Birmingham over the next couple of weeks. Spectator tickets are still available on the day. Check the tournament page for details. There will be no training therefore on Sunday 22nd July in Dickens Heath.

Onwards and upwards


Licence Renewals

No renewals due this month

Dean Deffley
Spencer Morgan
Anila Kaur
Jabber Khan
Rayyan Khan
Portia Eccleston
Devraj Singh
Daniel Brunn
James Deffley
Paul Hemming
Josh Richards

Cost of Renewal £38

Out of Date Licences

Cost of Renewal £45

July 18