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Grading Results 10/12/17 :
I am pleased to announce the following students have been promoted to the following grades:

Yellow Tag          
Samantha O’Connor
Evie Deffley
Nishant Chana
Naryan Chana

Yellow Belt
Aoife O’Connor
Amelia Wright
Aiden Wright
Darci Moran
Portia Eccleston

Green Tag
Jack Gardiner
Fernando Yonfa Urunchima
Alana Moran
Olivia Poyner
Spencer Morgan

Green Belt
Louise Morgan
Samy Hemming
Luke Brooks


Blue Belt
Paul Chatwin
Rishi Bakshi

Red Tag
James Page
Samuel Edwards
Daniel Brunn

Red Belt
Claire Murphy

Special Congratulations to Fernando Yonfa Urunchima for the best grading on the night winning the Grand Masters Grading Award.