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Tae Kwon Do
A Korean martial art which literally means to be able to defend yourself using your hands and feet. There are many different aspects to Tae Kwon -Do training which makes this art one of the most popular throughout the world today. Many families train at the club in which they develop new skills alongside their children which makes shared learning enjoyable and fun.

Students begin by learning and developing basic techniques which build up into more complex movements in order to develop the Tae Kwon-Do elements of patterns, set sparring and onto free sparring. Training methods are used in promoting these elements where students will improve fitness conditioning, awareness and confidence. Classes are always varied and aimed at encouraging the student and progressing and developing their skills.

The club also actively competes on the national tournament scene where it has produced a string of National and World Champions over the years, Extra sparring sessions are available at the clubs Fight Club sessions which has played a major part in developing our tournament successes. Whatever age or ability Tae Kwon-Do definately has something to offer anyone.

Classes are held every Wednesday and Sunday nights - New Beginners Always Welcome